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Gabrielle U

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My name is Gabrielle and I'm looking forward to being your English language tutor. Some of my hobbies include reading, writing, doing martial arts, and playing basketball and netball. I love talking about a lot of things including books, movies, travel, food, school or studies, culture, and hobbies. In the past, I have travelled down to Sydney and Melbourne in Australia and have also been to New Zealand a very long time ago. I hope to one day travel all around the world to places such as Japan, France, England, China and maybe America. I have learnt both French and Mandarin. I have had quite a bit of experience as a teacher as I have been teaching martial arts to both children and adults for the last couple of years. I have also earned my TESOL certification so I'm looking forward to teaching English online. I'm interested in teaching English because in learning French and Mandarin myself, I recognise the value in learning another language and feel that it is a great skill to have. I hope that my own learning experiences in learning other languages will help me help my students in learning English. I look forward to working with you as you learn and experience the English language!

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  • Scott
    This teacher is amazing! She is very professional! I will book her as much as possible in the near future.
  • Kevin
    Sorry for the connection. Cool martial arts teacher.
畢業學校iTESOL - Teach International
興趣Martial arts, reading books, watching movies, playing computer games