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國家 united_kingdom 英國
生日 1961-08-12
性別 男性
畢業學校 Scott Lidgett Secondary School
興趣 Poetry, Song writing,Cycling, most racquet sports and camping
喜歡的電影 Any nature films or documentaries.

I have worked within the Housing Management field for many years and have a Certificate in Housing Management and Maintenance. I have worked as a volunteer tutor of Public Speaking and Presentation which helped both young and mature students to gain confidence and proficiency in speaking before an audience. I have become an English tutor to assist others in the learning process. I have had the experience of learning a language and so have an understanding of the process of learning and the unique challenges of learning English. As a Native speaker, I not only have an understanding of the language, but I also understand the way the language is spoken, used and understood. In my view, the best way to learn a language is to overcome the fear of making mistakes. For example, to learn to swim, you have to be in the water! To be an effective tutor you need knowledge of the subject, have the ability to explain things simply, giving examples where necessary, and make the learning experience as enjoyable as possible. I also write poetry and songs and enjoy most racquet sports.

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Excellent, Raoul corrected me immediately, and share his experience with me.

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